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Welcome to Licensing

Little Hippie frequently receives emails asking how we became a Grateful Dead licensee. Due to the tide of inquiries, Little Hippie founder, Taylor Swope, was inspired to share her story of being discovered in a California parking lot by Tom Stack from Grateful Dead Productions. The story was featured on our blog, which had just launched right around the time of the Grateful Deadʼs 50th Anniversary “Fare Thee Well” tour, and if you haven't read it yet, you can find that story here >>>

In the five years since, our blog has grown considerably and that post has remained the most viewed page of our website. Additionally, in 2017, Little Hippie signed a new licensing deal with The Jim Henson Company. As a result, we have been inundated by messages asking how to become a licensee.

To keep up with the inflow of inquiries, Taylor has put together a wealth of licensing resources for you. Please start with our Licensing FAQ, where you can find answers to the 50 most important questions about licensing, including some questions that should be asked before you pursue licensing. The answers are culled from Taylor's sixteen years of experience in licensing and merchandising, and, with each answer, she strived to simplify legal terms and break down complicated concepts for easier comprehension.

If, after reading through all of these materials, you're ready to pursue licensing and you'd like assistance in this process, we've created a worksheet to prepare you for creating a licensing proposal, and Taylor is available for consulting.

You can also purchase phone time with Taylor.


Licensing Resources

Whether you're looking to pursue a licensing opportunity or simply gain an understanding of this industry, our FAQ is sure to guide you in your next decision.

Licensing Worksheet

This worksheet will prepare you to create a licensing proposal by identifying the terms by which you'd like your license defined, and it will provide you with the framework necessary to create your projections.

With 15 years experience in licensing & merchandising, Little Hippie founder, Taylor Swope, has the background and understanding to answer your questions and guide you in the next steps of growing your business.

To learn more about Taylor

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