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Taylor Swope, Chief Executive Artist

Taylor SwopeAs the creative founder of Little Hippie, Taylor specializes in illustration, licensed merchandising & branded product development. Possessing an ability to create artwork that is at once classic and timely, Taylor is also an astute entrepreneur with an ear to emerging trends and technologies. Being both an expert in the art of the counter culture and a figure in it, Taylor’s artwork has become iconic in its own right with many of her images now being riffed on by other artists as part of the ever evolving Grateful Dead lexicon.

With nearly twenty years experience as a Grateful Dead licensee, as well as having maintained licensing deals with The Jim Henson Company and Care Bears, Taylor is well familiar with the ins and outs of licensing contracts, merchandising deals and artist agreements. A strong leader with a highly capable team behind her, she is always taking on new opportunities. 

Having moved frequently as a child, Taylor developed a love early on for new places paired with an amazing ability to keep in touch with people from everywhere.  After graduating at 20 years old with a BA in French & English from Skidmore College in 1999, Taylor has spent much of her adult life on the road traveling to countless concerts and music festivals to promote her business and sell the products she designs. She now splits her time between Brooklyn, the Connecticut shoreline and Northern California. In her free time you can usually find her somewhere outdoors swimming, running, yoga-ing, and riding things down hills or otherwise playing on this big bright blue ball spinning freely in space. 

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