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Good Art is Everything

Little Hippie was born in October of 2002 when Taylor Swope, who was just 24 at the time, made seven heat pressed baby t’s on her tiny kitchen counter in her 550 sq ft apartment.  Inspired by a love of music, awe for the wonderment of children, and a deep faith in the value of playing outdoors, Little Hippie has grown in the years since to become so much more than a clothing line.  We are a lifestyle and a movement, here to foster creativity and to nurture the magic inside all of us. 

  • We encourage families to think creatively, to be themselves and to make sure the world remains a place future generations can enjoy.
  • We are inspired by the beauty in nature and the pursuit of joy.
  • We love music, art & style.
  • We believe retail should be experiential and that the items you purchase from us should help you to express what you stand for.
  • We are adventurers, cosmic explorers, radical dreamers, flower children, creatures made of love, and we make the world our playground.

It was Taylor’s passion for music festivals and life on the road that led her to create Little Hippie.  Having spent over a decade traveling the US building the business out of the van she lived in when she wasn’t in her mini apartment in NYC, Taylor knows first hand what it means to live life on your own terms.  An independent business woman when few others were, Taylor encountered countless obstacles along her path, choosing at each turn to face the challenges and fortify the business.  While her peers chose traditional paths in secure professions, Taylor was driven by a mission to be a part of the generation that thought differently. Both a bit ahead of its time and timeless, Little Hippie is the manifestation of a belief that if you put more love out in to the world, good things will come of it. 

Taylor learned early on how important it is to imbue your business with your creative values. Shortly after starting the business, Taylor became an official licensee for the Grateful Dead in early 2004 and began to infuse their iconic imagery with her own animated artistic personality. Being a part of the Grateful Dead’s rich tradition of evolving imagery and symbolic visual language has been a remarkable experience, and it is this approach to non-competitive creative collaboration that has always informed the Little Hippie business philosophy.

Good art is a communication tool.  You can use it to express yourself where words won't suffice.  At Little Hippie we seek to create some of that art for you.  Art you can wear, enjoy in your home or send to friends and family.  Art that lets you be a little bit more you.  Art that brings you closer to the ones you love.  

Taylor Swope 

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Taylor Swope

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