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Licensing FAQ

If you're interested in pursuing licensing, but you don't yet have much understanding of what's involved, our Licensing FAQ is where we recommend you start.

Would you like to know
What is licensing?
What is intellectual property?
How do you become a licensee?
What's involved in being a licensee?

Are you looking to understand licensing terms such as
Channel of distributions

Are you wondering
What goes in to a licensing proposal?
Do you need a lawyer?
What will you give up in exchange for licensing?
How much will licensing cost?

The answers to all these questions and more are waiting for you!

In our licensing FAQ, Little Hippie founder, Taylor Swope, has answered the 50 most important points to understand when it comes to licensing and branded merchandising. Whether you're looking to pursue a licensing opportunity or simply gain an understanding of this industry, our FAQ is sure to guide you in your next decision. Culled from her 15 years experience in licensing & merchandising, Taylor's answers are insightful and to the point. She has a knack for translating contractual language to layman's terms, and she has distilled the key points in to easy to understand explanations that will leave you with a far greater comprehension of everything involved in licensing.

Although you are welcome to schedule a call with Taylor at any point to seek guidance with your licensing goals, we highly reccommend reading this FAQ first. There is far more information available in the answers here than could be provided in a one hour phone call.

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Licensing is not easy, and it requires a great deal of detail oriented attention, but it is also a fascinating way in which to earn a living. If it is a good fit for you, it could turn out to be the opportunity that changes your life. Without a doubt, Taylor's life would have never been what it was if she hadn't been offered the chance to become a Grateful Dead licensee nearly fifteen years ago!

Most people don't understand what licensing is, nor how much licensed products permeate commerce, but once you do you will see the world in a whole new light. In fact, licensed products are nearly everywhere, and it is through licensing agreements that businesses grow from small endeavors in to large enterprises . Once you begin to see the ubiquity of licensing, you will understand the value of IP and the purchasing power of a tuned in audience. Furthermore, you will see what happens when both are leveraged for the marketing of a product. Licensing is pure business, and it is not for everyone but if reading this is getting you excited, then by all means, letʼs continue on this journey!

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More Licensing Resources

This worksheet will prepare you to create a licensing proposal by identifying the terms by which you'd like your license defined, and it will provide you with the framework necessary to create your projections.

Phone Consultation

With 15 years experience in licensing & merchandising, Little Hippie founder, Taylor Swope, has the background and understanding to answer your questions and guide you in the next steps of growing your business.