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Stash Soapery

Stash Soapery is thoughtfully created body care products featuring all natural soaps that are inspired by music, made by hand, and always palm free.





Why we chose Stash Soapery

When I opened our Brooklyn shop I was looking for a line of handmade soaps to carry, and I wanted to source them from another woman owned small business in the music community. I knew of Stash Soapery through mutual friends and Instagram where I really enjoyed watching Adriana's videos of her creative process. I could see how hard she was working and the pride she put into developing her products, which is always something I love to support. We've had Stash Soapery in our Brooklyn shop since Fall 2021, and everyone here loves them! From the colorful patterns and all natural ingredients to the music inspired names, Stash Soapery was exactly what I was looking for.

-Taylor Swope, founder Little Hippie

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Q&A with Adriana

What led you to entrepreneurship? When and why did you start your business?

I originally started making soap after I opened my shop One Love Refill Station in 2013. My customers were constantly requesting locally made bar soaps and because I sold all the ingredients to do so I gave it a go and realized just how much I enjoyed making it!
Where did you learn to make soap?

I started by watching youtube videos and by reading books!
What are your favorite and least favorite parts about being a business owner?

My favorite part about owning my own business is the freedom of creativity. My least favorite part is the burden to be successful all the time.

Do you have a day job or is this a full time enterprise?

Stash was my full time job the last 4 years, but I have recently had to get a second job to cover my bills.

How does running Stash Soapery and being a mom compliment each other for you? Are there challenges about entrepreneurship and parenting that get you down?

Aside from being a mom to two kids, I'm also a special needs mom! Stash has given me the chance to stay home with my often chronically ill child and work from home at night when the children are sleeping. I was so grateful for that, especially the last two years since getting divorced! Lately my greatest challenge has been declining sales. And working through everything that goes with that! Kids and soap making aren't really safe so I try not to involve them in the process but they are definitely my sniff testers!

You named your soaps after a Phish song. What role does the band play in your experience in business?

I originally started out as a phish inspired soap company. I have been able to get one member of the band to get involved in the creative process by designing and naming a bar! It was so much fun to be able to bring to fruition Jon Fishman's bar Mock Soap! Now I have created collections from multiple bands including: the grateful dead, Lizzo, Rush, Wu Tang, Billy Strings, Portishead, Prince and goose! With many more planned out for the future!

What are you looking to create next for your life and business?
I would really like to create more custom white label lines for other companies!
What inspires you when you're working?
I am constantly inspired by music! I find that it oftenly fills my mind with colors and scents. I use the music and lyrics to open my imagination to endless bubbly possibilities!

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