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Colorful and fun fleece dog coats made by hand in Pennsylvania. A family owned business with the goal of fitting every dog.





Why we chose Snugpups

Why wouldn't we choose Snugpups?! No, but seriously, Snugpups actually chose us. And we're so grateful they did! Brian and I first connected after he purchased our Licensing FAQ to inform himself while in pursuit of a Grateful Dead license. When we opened our shop in Brooklyn, they were one of the first outside brands we brought in. Brian and Gail sewed up a fresh batch of coats for us and drove them to Brooklyn to meet us and see the new store. If they hadn't, I might not have realized how significant dog stuff would be too our shop. We're located right next to a park on the river, and it's dogs on parade all day on our sidewalk. Our customers love Snugpups dog coats, and we love seeing getting to see dogs all dressed up and ready for a walk in chilly weather.

-Taylor Swope, founder Little Hippie

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Created by Gail Thomas & Brian Correia

Q&A with Gail

How did Snugpups come about? Was it something you wanted to do for a while before you did it?

It materialized completely by accident. We got two tiny puppies while we were living in Rhode Island in the middle of January. They were freezing and I could sew. So…I turned them into a giraffe and a zebra with homemade fleece dog coats. Proud of their insane cuteness, I posted pics on Facebook, and friends from all over messaged asking me to make a coat for their dogs. After sending out a bunch of freebies, I started asking for money for my efforts. I modeled them after the blankets I had put on my ponies. Easy on, easy off! Fun patterns were key. The rest is history...

What did you do before Snugpups?
I was a stay-at-home Homeschooling Mom who had gone through a traumatic divorce. I was also a writer and a chef.

Where did you learn to sew? Do you still do much sewing?
My sewing skills came from Junior High Home Ec, my mom and a lot of weird clothes I made my kids when they were little. Yes, my husband, Brian and I still do a lot of sewing. We love creating new products.

What are the biggest challenges you've found running a Made in America business? Has it been hard to find people you can hire to sew for you?

Hiring is hard for everyone right now. Try finding someone who wants to work…and can SEW!!

You live on a farm with a lot of animals and recently moved to a bigger farm. Can you tell us about the animals? What's a day in the life look like on the farm? Where did your love for animals and desire to live with so many of them come from?

We recently moved back to my childhood farm to be with my elderly mom. At 87, she still insists on feeding the adorable menagerie of animals, but we help out wherever we can. We have 3 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 pot-bellied pigs, 2 roosters (the fox got all the hens), 5 dogs and 3 cats. All pets! We love them so much. They calm our souls and make us laugh.

How do you balance running a business with running a farm?

Like a Boss!! Farm work is pure joy.
As a couple operating a business together, how do you designate tasks between the two of you and maintain the peace? Do you have fun collaborating?
Brian and I certainly had some bumps to navigate in the beginning, but we have really learned to respect each other’s decisions, be kind and not take things personally when one of us has a complaint or suggestion. While some of our tasks overlap, we do have different roles in the business. We definitely have a lot of fun and we’ve learned not to take anything too seriously. And we blast music at all times!
What's your favorite part of working on Snugpups?
Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!