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Sex Plants Rock & Roll

Sex Plants Rock & Roll is a woman owned body care line handcrafted in Southern Colorado. All of the products are music inspired and formulated with organic ingredients and wildcrafted herbs.





Why we chose Sex Plants Rock & Roll

The pandemic destroyed my skin. The stress of running a small business while living in NYC where life was rarely maskless for over a year forced me to look for products that could heal my face. For years, I'd been making my own all-purpose "butter" out of coconut oil and shea butter, but that wasn't cutting it anymore.

It was important to me to find skin care that was completely chemical free and well crafted from pure ingredients. In my search, I also prioritized looking for another woman owned small business in the music community.

After personally testing Sex Plants Rock & Roll for the last six months, I can attest that Lindsey Schauer's creations are the best thing to ever happen to my skin. They feel good, they smell good, and they help me look good too. As she says, they help me BE WELL ALL WAYS.

-Taylor Swope, founder Little Hippie

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Created by Lindsey Schauer

Q&A with Lindsey

What inspired you to start a business?

I have always wanted to work for myself. I got brave enough to actually take the plunge when the whole world shut down and I had a chance to sit with my thoughts and follow my dreams.

When did you start your business?

April 2020 I started selling body care products, and in October of 2020 I launched as Sex Plants Rock and Roll.

Why did you want to make skincare products?

I have always made my own products because I was unimpressed by what I could find at the stores. Always some hidden chemicals and so much plastic! As a hobby I would like to make things for friends and family as gifts. When I realized that I had so much to learn about self care and that other people could probably benefit from the same slow and gentle process with themselves, it seemed like a natural fit.

Where does your love of plants come from?

Honestly, I must have been a tree in another life. When I moved to the mountains, that all was reassured. I have been an herbivore for 18 years and a gardener for about the same. I lived in the wildflower capital of Colorado for about 15 years and when I learned that the plants had everything we need, I made it a passion to learn as much as I could about 3 - 5 new wild and native plants each year.

What do you like and/or dislike about running a business?

I love that I ski any day that I want. This season I have skied more days than any other because I make fun a priority. I am very good at fun, which sometimes makes for some long nights or early mornings (that's when I don't like being my own boss because I have a hard time telling me no.) But in all seriousness, it's the big risks, the reliance on myself to move the needle and the self doubts that are the most challenging elements. I am learning so much.

What are particular challenges you find to being a mom and small business owner?

I work at home. Sometimes it is hard to separate the work and the home. My little girl is an amazing helper and she loves creating her own little goodies, so there are so many times that I can incorporate business into our relationship. The hard part is that there is always something to do and it's hard to not walk right past it.  

What do you hope your daughter learns from being around your business?

Mostly I hope she learns a connection to nature through learning to love and care for herself deeply. Our bathroom is loaded with product so I encourage her to give herself a little facial and put on some organic make-up if she's feeling it. I love to spend the morning with her, making her breakfast and lunch and recently listening to fun music ... even a mini dance party if we're motivated!