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Noiice Dyes

Noiice Dyes is a collection of tie dye styles created by Bret Favre in Ocean Beach, CA best known for his recognizable Huckleberry Flavoralls seen on Dead & Company tour.





Why we chose Noiice Dyes

Bret was set up across from our booth at Citifield Dead & Company last summer (picture above), and he asked me to trade a pair of his rainbow flavoralls (also above) for one of our Rainbow Splatter Stealie blankets. He didn't have my size left in stock, so the conversation continued for the rest of the tour until I saw him in the parking shed after the show on the final night at Oracle Park. At that point, I no longer had the blanket he wanted, but he climbed into his van, pulled out my size, and trusted my promise to mail him a blanket. I got so many compliments wearing those overalls the next few weeks that I knew I had to add them to my shop!

-Taylor Swope, founder Little Hippie

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Created by Bret Favre

Q&A with Bret

What led you to start your business? When did you start it?

I started my business in 2016, after a fellow employee invited me to her house to make tie dye. It only took the unveiling of two t-shirts to spark the want for me to start making more tie dye. The Flavors just took hold & I was spending alot of my freetime creating & upcycling neighbors' shirts. Snowball a few years later, and now I am into markets and festivals. And then the big one came along, DEAD TOUR!

How did you learn to dye? How much time do you spend experimenting with new techniques?
I learned to dye by a buddy of mine, Connor, back when we lived in New Jersey. A few years passed before tie dye found me again across the country in California. The beginning was all about experimenting, and I still to this day will whip up Flavors that I have no idea how they will turn out.

What did you do before you were Noiice Dyes?
Before NOiiCE DYES I was unsure where the direction of my life was going. I worked a bunch of random jobs like lifeguarding, security, farming, and even a manager at a sub shop... but the last job i had before I went full time tie dye was landscaping, in the beautiful town of Point Loma.
What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is freedom. The freedom to surf, sleep in, go to festivals & actually make money doing what I love. I love the hustle & making people smile. The chance to collaborate with other artists & businesses and make memories is awesome. I listen to my favorite music & work on my own time, what's not to love!

What's the hardest part about being a vendor on the road for you?

The hardest part about being a vendor on the road is keeping a healthy diet. Tour was amazing but there were too many hot dogs for me! I would find some great spots here and there but when you're busy quick and easy just sounds all too good!  

What do you like to do when you're not working?

When I'm not working I enjoy surfing, golfing, hanging with friends and playing pool, snowboarding, enjoying a Noiice view with a joint to pass around! Going to concerts has always been a big part of my life & now I can pick and choose which ones to go to anywhere I want!