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Right Hand Girl

Laurie Kammer 

Laurie has been involved in the arts from a very young age, growing up as a dancer and then graduating from Eastern CT State University in 2007 with degrees in sculpture and digital art & design. Both an artist and a musician, Laurie is a rockstar at creating colorful and intuitive pieces of art and music that get people feeling. An expert at smiling, Laurie is exceptionally passionate about representing the spirit of music festivals, the family aspect of community, and raising the vibration of the planet through our good intentions. She loves that Little Hippie strives to do that, and that the company works as a team to create everything.

Laurie joined Little Hippie while still in college, having met Taylor at Bonnaroo in 2006. She introduced herself to Taylor, and when she learned that Little Hippie was based in Connecticut, not far from where she lived, she asked if she could intern. Laurie went on to spend nearly three years on the road and in the warehouse with Little Hippie, eventually moving on to pursue some of her other passions. 

Laurie came back to Little Hippie in 2012 as an independent artist. Having suffered a fall in 2011 that left her with a paralyzing spinal cord injury, she had turned to art therapy while recovering and found that contributing imagery to Little Hippie was a natural extension of that practice. Laurie considers Little Hippie a foundation of strength in her life. From her experience as both a vendor and an artist she learned the “make it happen” skills that have enabled her adaptability. As Laurie’s told Taylor many times, if she hadn’t worked for Little Hippie, her experience with spinal cord injury would have been much harder. 

In the 4 years since returning to Little Hippie, Laurie has grown once again to be an integral part of the Little Hippie team.  Representing the spirit of Little Hippie better than anyone we know, Laurie is the voice behind much of our social media, our newsletter and our customer communications. An exceptionally insightful woman, Laurie provides guidance and drives progress at Little Hippie every day.  Between her creativity that informs nearly every decision we make, and her willingness to jump in where and when needed she is very much our Right Hand Girl.