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Adventure Clothes

Cute and comfortable retro track shorts. Made in Wisconsin with durability and practicality for every day wear in mind.





Why we chose Adventure Clothes

Next door to our shop in Brooklyn there is a splash pad at Domino Park that is a popular local destination in warm weather. As a result, we often have parents bringing their children into our shop in search of dry clothing. I wanted to offer some simple and easy styles in easy-to-match colors that would allow kids to change out of their wet clothes and carry on with their playtime. In searching for made in America women owned small businesses specializing in children's clothing, I found Adventure Clothes. I was so impressed by the quality when I received our first order, and they have become a well loved staple in the couple years we've been carrying them.

-Taylor Swope, founder Little Hippie

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Created by Catherine Krings

Q&A with Catherine

What led you to start a business? Is this your first venture into self employment?

Yes, this is my first business! I turned my hobby of sewing for my kids into a business so I could help support my family while staying home with them.
Did you have any jobs before starting Adventure Clothes that helped prepare you for entrepreneurship?

Not really. I tend to just jump in and figure it out along the way.
Where did you learn to cut & sew? Do you make everything yourself?

I am self-taught, with lots of encouragement from grandmothers and my parents. I hand-sewed my first outfit when I was 10, it fell apart the first time I wore it. In public. Things went better after I learned to use a sewing machine, and I have had some great mentors. I do everything myself, although my sisters help occasionally.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve found selling Made in America garments?

The competition is stiff! It’s not easy for people to choose ethically made clothing when the big stores have tons of cute stuff for a fraction of the price.

What is yout favorite part about being a creative entrepreneur?

Getting better at my craft always makes me happy. Every item I make is a challenge for me to make it better, find a more efficient method, or design that unique detail that gets people excited.
How do you find balance between creating products, marketing them, and managing the business?

I can’t say that I’ve found a balance yet, I wish it could be all designing and creating!


What are your favorite kinds of adventures?


I think the best adventures are the ones that happen every day, like walking to the park, meeting a friend, or going shopping with 3 toddlers. Adventure Clothes is meant to be the pieces that you want to wear for your every-day adventures.