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Festival Season is Upon Us and We’re RELIXing It

by Taylor Swope June 04, 2015

Festival-Guide-4-1Little Hippie worked with RELIX Magazine this Spring leading up to their current and most important issue all year, the Festival Guide. I had the pleasure of working with Mike Greenhaus and Olivia Millman and the amazing team at RELIX to design the festival activity icons throughout the guide. Pick up the magazine this month and you’ll also see a full page of Little Hippie!

Click here to check out Relix’s online festival guide.

Look for Little Hippie this summer at Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, the Fare Thee Well shows, and the Gathering of the Vibes and check back with us at as we roll out more gear for you and yours.

The festival experience is a particular one and it can be hard to find the one that suits your expectations, experience and needs. This is why it takes months of prepping and curating festival guides to try to get everyone to the right destination, every year. But we all learn from experience!

When we asked to know about your experience, you all showed up and gave your opinions on where to go and why. Here are some tips from Little Hippie families who offered their helpful and hilarious thoughts during the preparation of the RELIX festival guide.

A Little Hippie parent who has been attending Telluride Bluegrass Festival, about to embark on its 42nd year on June 18-22, for six years recommended it for family camping and free or discounted tickets for children.

Their tip: “As with all parental activities, you must set your expectations at a reasonable level, be patient, and network with other parents for when you need someone to watch your toddler while you slip into a port-o-let–you can’t fit the whole family in there.”

A pair of Little Hippie Grandparents who have been attending festivals for eight years recommended Project Earth Fest June 19-21 in Harmony Park, Geneva, MN for family camping, kids musical programming & craft area, plus onsite playground.

Their tip: “We are actually grandparents bringing grandkids! Smaller fests are better with kids; easier to keep track of things, less pressure, more individual time for kids to spend with musicians. Go small!”

A Little Hippie that family have been attending Blissfest, in Bliss, MI for two years recommended it for Family camping, Kids musical programming, Kids craft area, Onsite playground, and Free or discounted tickets for children.

Their tip: “Plan for a VERY different festival experience–kids will be up early no matter what! For us, Blissfest is ideal because it is much quieter than most festies (folk and bluegrass oriented, rather than jamband) and has a multitude of staffed children’s activities. In the family section, it’s easy to put the little ones down, step outside the tent, and relax with other likeminded kind parents. Electric Forest and Summercamp are for without kids, Blissfest ideal for them to understand what can be so fun about music and camping with good folks.”

A Little Hippie at heart who has been attending High Sierra fest July 2-5 in Quincy, CA for two years recommended it for Family camping and Kids musical programming, even though they don’t have kids!

Their tip: “In two years I’ve only been offered drugs once, that’s amazing for a festival & I wish it happened more often. I don’t have a family I just thought I would offer my opinion.”

A Little Hippie parent recommended Nelsonville Music and Art Festival in Ohio which just passed, Nedfest August 28-30 in Nederland, Colorado, and Rockygrass July 24-26 in Lyons, Colorado. They have been going to festivals for ten years to enjoy kids musical programming & craft area in addition to those great free or discounted tickets for children.

Their tip: “Never go to a fest w family unless you have been or someone who knows you and your family vibe has attended….Watch your kids! Watch your kids!”

A multigenerational family of Little Hippies recommended ROMP June 24-27 in Owensboro, Kentucky for family camping. They have been attending with an RV for four years.

I highly recommend ROMP in Owensboro, Ky. This festival is an event for all ages. My 70 year old aunt makes her way to the front of the stage to dance the night away and my 6 year old niece is right on her heals. When you can bring the generations together through Bluegrass Music you really have created something special.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!  We loved hearing from you on this and including your input in the Relix festival guide. We’ll definitely ask for your thoughts on festivals and festival culture again soon!

Click here to search for festivals in Relix’s online guide.  Feel free to add more tips and festival suggestions in the comments below!


Taylor Swope
Taylor Swope


As the creative founder of Little Hippie, Taylor specializes in illustration, licensed merchandising & experiential design, being both an expert in the art of the counter culture and a figure in it. Taylor’s artwork has become iconic in its own right, and many of her images are now being riffed on by other artists as part of the ever evolving Grateful Dead lexicon. With over twelve years experience as an apparel licensee with the Grateful Dead, Taylor is well familiar with the ins and outs of licensing contracts, merchandising deals and artist agreements. Not only does she have the ability to create imagery that is at once classic and timely, but she can manage your entire project. A strong leader with a highly capable team behind her, she is always ready to take on new opportunities to grow Little Hippie. Having moved frequently as a child, Taylor developed a love early on for new places paired with an amazing ability to keep in touch with people from everywhere. After graduating at 20 years old with a BA in French & English from Skidmore College in 1999, Taylor spent much of her early adult life on the road traveling to countless concerts and music festivals to promote her business and sell the products she designs. She now splits her time between Brooklyn, the Connecticut shoreline and Northern California. In her free time you can usually find her somewhere outdoors swimming, running, yoga-ing, and riding things down hills or otherwise playing on this big bright blue ball spinning freely in space.

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