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Carole Berthiaume

Carole Berthiaume, Operations Manager

Taylor met Carole in early 2004 for the best of reasons – because they both had vans and a mutual love for the ocean. Taylor was staying with friends in South Florida where Carole lived, a habit she repeated for the next eight winters. And it’s a good thing Taylor went back so many times too, because she and Carole didn’t actually become friends until 2009 when enough of their mutual friends finally asked “why aren’t you two friends?”  Carole came to Bonnaroo with Taylor later that year (and the following two years) and they’ve been kindred spirits ever since.

Fast forward to early 2016 when Taylor started thinking she was ready to hire someone to help with operations. She thought for a few minutes about who she knew who might be a good fit, and she sent Carole a casual text that said “Would you like a job you can do from anywhere and on your own schedule?” The kind of friends who can go a couple years without talking and pick up right where they left off, Carole & Taylor hadn’t been in touch for a while at that point. Very casual. Carole wrote back “That’s so weird – I just told the universe last night that I needed something like that.” TRUE STORY. Because that’s how the universe works.

Carole dove right in and amazed both herself and Taylor with her aptitude for the job. With a BS degree in Marine Biology and a passion for surfing, Carole understands Little Hippie’s environmental ethos and the importance of our mission to teach children about the planet we live on. She walks the talk and always has.

Carole quickly became the glue holding Little Hippie together, acting as a perfectly synergistic bridge between the efforts of the rest of the team. She has an exceptional eye for detail that keeps all of our production on track and new initiatives moving forward. Call it OCD if you like, but guaranteed no mistake will slip by her. Whether she’s cross checking purchase orders, writing product copy, or overseeing daily operations, Carole gladly jumps from project to project with enthusiasm and eagerness to continue learning new facets of the business.